Ruins With a View



When I walk through ruins I’m always impressed
how much effort went into fucking the place up.
Expensive grudges were vented here.
A wild party consumed the landscape.

We learned the hard way what is portable.
Buildings made people angry & became souvenirs.
Deconstruction was an industry.
Cities were like sculpture, chipped into shape.

Scars show the politics.
It’s not just a change of tenant,
But redecoration with a vengeance,
History in charcoals.

Rome, Carthage, Athens.
Real estate on demand.
A nice place to sack.
A vacation home that offers some resistance.

But once ensconced here you watch the horizon.
How did they knock over a pillar like that?
Castrated stone emperors, beheaded gods.
No knock Vandals took the handles.

Wildfires blow down the canyons.
Smoke blots out the sunset.
A Sirocco buries this city
Another wind will dig it up again.

The ruins stay the same, the faces change.
1000 year old street.
But you can’t beat the view. Scenery with scenario.
It comes in acts.

One can only imagine curtains.





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