My Skull and Bones

My skull?

Fill her up with high test.
My bones, let ‘em beat drums, except for the knuckles
You can roll those.
Satchel Paige said “Don’t look back. Something might be gaining on you.”

Bob used that line a few times. “She’s an artist she don’t look back.”

And the title of the movie he made when he did.
Haven’t looked back but I took good notes when I went by.
Satchel Paige, I got to see him play when I was 18.  He was 59.

Charlie Finley brought him back for one game against the Red Sox. He pitched four innings.

The only man he didn’t get out was Carl Yastremski.
Satchel also said, “How old would be you be if you didn’t know how old you are.”
Looking ahead I don’t know how much ahead there is, so maybe it’s time to look back, for the record and the royalties only.
Don’t look back until you hear footsteps, then pull your knife.
Give my bones to Satchel Paige.



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