Human Resources



I preferred it when it was called
the Personnel Department
Because that seemed to imply
some relation to personality.
Now personality presents a difficulty because
corporations are personalities too.
They have ideas and free speech.
Even beliefs. And us inside.

“Sorry, Cupid’s Oven doesn’t believe
in gay wedding cake.”
Nothing personal.

So if we’re part of a person,
At least part time, technically,
What’s left for us to do?
Ask for more than it’s worth?
Polish the knobs?
Spread the good news
across the surface of the earth?

Everything I said wasn’t true
But this is now for sure.
It was nice doing business with you.
You were good company.
I almost loved you when
It was on the company time and dime.
You were my account.
You were money in the bank.
I felt like you had my back,
and after that you had my flank.

I know it’s not about you,
Nothing personal.
You were on the job.
As the Borg put it,
You have been absorbed.
You did what you had to do.
Business is war without the shooting.
Just the takeover and the looting.
But you did your job and
Still served me well. I don’t tip but
Thank you for your service.

Now I am persona non grata.
At least up in Personnel I am,
though now they’re Human Resources.
Human? I liked Person better.
But its the same slave stump.
Termination is based on data.
And data has beliefs of its own.
I wasn’t as absorbable as they thought,
Though even I knew I was insolvent.
For me it’s not a problem.
Credit is all past and future.
Not being a resource keeps me right here.



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