Beautiful Girls in Love

Somewhere Jimi Hendrix is singing “I Don’t Live Today.”

School is out.

It’s the first sunny day of spring and all over New York

all I see are the beautiful girls in love.

Sometimes two, sometimes three,

walking along the street are beautiful girls in love.

They all hate me, says a perfect brunette with nosering
to a blonde who tosses her immortal hair.
She is so wrong.

Who could hate that face? Not even a monster.

That hate? It’s all love.

They might not know it, but they show it.
They are beautiful girls in love.

After school.
Before work.
Between glances.

Where would they ever find a boy this good?
Who’d even say they should.

Sometimes a boy will just eat his heart out.
It happens in New York.

A small sacrifice. It’s Spring. And they’re out there.
It’s sunny. The leaves are coming.
It’s the best to be beautiful girls in love.

And Jimi says, “Will I live tomorrow. Well I just can’t say.”

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