Bad Prometheus

Prometheus means forethought
He took a hundred pounds of clay
And made us what we are today.
Baked us buns and liking it he
Left us the keys to bakery.
We took it from there to here.
Standing, eyes on the sky
Counting and naming, we are still
Making what he foreknew come true.

The gods went crazy, stop thief stop,
But it was a well done deed
So the immortals ganged up.
We was a god gone to the dogs.
Zeus tied him to a rock.
An eagle ate his liver,
It healed nightly.

Cocksure, saw it coming, did it anyway.
Fuck the gods. You light my fire.
Finally they let him go.
He knew too much, knew how it all ended.
Later he wore a ring, a piece of the rock.
And with this ring I thee charm.
No harm in trying, just listen, let me talk.
I too can see where this is all going.

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